Laravel8 - Validation Required if Another Field is Empty


In this article, I will share with you how to implement validation required if another field is empty.

we all know laravel provide a very large validation rule in by-default and it's make our work very easy. here i share one of the most common and most useful validation rule validation required if another field is empty.

in this example we have two fields one is 'primary_contact' and the second is 'secondary_contact'. if the user does not fill the 'primary_contact' then the 'secondary_contact' field make required for user.

we will use the "required_without" laravel validation rule for this.

Example :

public function store(Request $request)
	  	"primary_contact" =>"required",
	  	"secondary_contact" =>"required_without:primary_contact"


i hope it will be help you.