Method Tymon\JWTAuth\Commands\JWTGenerateCommand::handle() does not exist

Today, we are install laravel 5.5 and install tymon/jwt-auth package in my laravel 5.5 application. and we are set service providers and aliases also. but when we are try to generate jwt key run by following command.

php artisan jwt:generate

After run above command you can face following error message in terminal.

Method Tymon\JWTAuth\Commands\JWTGenerateCommand::handle() does not exist

Then we are search on google then i was realize in laravel 5.5 it was some changes in package configuration. and here i have share solution for it.


Please, install new dev version of tymon/jwt-auth package. this issue resolve in dev package development. so, again run following command for install dev version package.

composer require tymon/jwt-auth:dev-develop --prefer-source

After install dev version package open your config/app.php file and replace old service provider to new like that.

'providers' => [
    Tymon\JWTAuth\Providers\JWTAuthServiceProvider::class to 

After replace service provider then now run following command for generate jwt key

php artisan jwt:secret

This solution is fine work for me. so, we are also share with you.

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